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05 Jun 2016


I believe that some products sell so fast, that the seller can’t even keep it in stock. And I see this happening across all categories and all sized businesses from corporations to small businesses throughout Amazon. AmzSecrets Product Hunter tracks these.

It takes an entirely different approach in helping you choose new products for selling on Amazon. If a product has a high best seller rank, and that product goes out of stock,  this can be a good indicator that it is an epic product.

We have already indexed over 600,000 products that had a good BSR, and have  gone out of stock this year, and we are continually adding more on a daily basis.

More importantly, we’ve scaled this platform to quickly filter through data that is not important to you.

You can sort through hundreds of thousands of these products in seconds, by category, Best Seller Rank, days out of stock, price range, or a combination of all of them.

We use this smarter data to more effectively choose products for our business.

It is now available, and a free added bonus to all existing VIPs.

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