AS 19: Boost Amazon Sales By at least 10% with these Secrets

16 Feb 2016

It’s like Amazon has no bounds, it’s like they are a liquid, and they fill into a cup and take it all. Amazon may need to be careful PR wise. If they get ahead of themselves, they can present a situation of corporate greed. They’re ever so expanding vast of services, seems to want to be everywhere, for everyone. From delivery services, to all of ecommerce, to rocket ships, to international sea shipping, to household products, and smart devices… the question now is, WHERE ISN’T AMAZON. From this article, I believe Amazon has enabled Restaurant businesses in the same way it has enabled ecommerce. You can now own a restaurant business and not only serve a 5-20 mile max radius. Amazon brings convenience into RESTURANT MEALS as well as a distribution for resturants. Instead of owning “5-6 restaurants” its almost doesn’t make as much sense as it once did. You can own one restaurant, and prepare all the foods there that 6 -or 20 restaurants could do, for the entire city. Not only that, you could maintain higher quality, less employees, less training, and easier distribution from one point as a restaurant. Its’ a game changer. I’m guessing most restaurants don’t even see the end potential here yet. Restaurant foods by drones. DUH. In my option, if I was a restaurant owner, I would just be get a “clean” warehouse, and staff it with cooks, and distribute from there. Forget serving locals, dealing with waitresses, tips, etc. The real value is getting to the masses.

Today’s topic is Boost Amazon Sales By at least 10% with these Secrets

There are some common ones, and if you don’t know them I’ll quickly go over that.

A listing will convert better if you separate your text into paragraphs, bullets, and combination of the too. You can use basic HTML, so that your description isn’t just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Toward the end of the description, I always put something of the sort “Buy this Epic Pencil Now” aka the call to action at the end, to entice people to click buy. People tend to actually do buy, when you use action words, instead of just descriptive words.

Another -okay- secret, is in order to rank for keywords in your backend, and for PPC, I’ve noticed it’s slightly easier if you put the PPC keywords you most like, in your title. Those, in my own opinion, have the most weight.

Now, The real secret juice in this podcast – Amazon Image optimization – here’s where its gets fun. Here’s a secret, that I have not heard any podcast, any article write about. Image optimization. When I first started, my images would render on the Amazon page, go blurry, and then resolve to a nice clear image. I will call this the BLUR EFFECT. What I had initially done, was I uploaded very crisp, high quality, and large images. These images were 3000×3000, because most Amazon sellers had said “USE very high quality images…blab la bla.”
The problem with this, is Amazon uses optimization tricks with images to load their pages first then the images. This blur effect only happens with very large images.

The big secret here is if, you render all your images in a very lightweight form the blur effect goes away. No longer are visitors visiting your pages, hovering over your images, waiting for the blur effect to go away, and viewing your images. Your images instantly appear.

Now, there is even more. If you’re a web developer, you know the importance of keeping the number of elements on a page as low as possible, because that decreases the entire page load for the end user. Less things for the end user to download = quicker page loads.

So your goal should be, for every listing, is to optimize those images to be to decrease the. MB size of those .jpg images as much as possible to increase the page load speed. By increasing the page load speed, you increase the browser speed on images, tablets, pcs on Amazon for everyone around the world. This DOES have an impact on your sales.

For those of you that use PhotoShop for your images, simply open your image in Photoshop > Go to File > Save For Web > Set quality between 40-50%.

You’ll notice how much .mb or .kb savings you have. I’ve had images of 3-5MB, crushed down to 52kb. That is 1/10 of the size Amazon now needs to load for the end user. Does that make a difference? You bet it does. Especially when there are 8 images on your listing, and 30 other images below your product listing for sponsored images, frequently bought together, and so on. I took up to 40MB of images and crunched it down to 4MB. That’s incredible savings.

Another thing is:

You don’t need a 4000×4000 image in your listing. Yes, Amazon will bring the size down. But you need to bring it down with Photoshop. If the max min-allowable image on Amazon is 1500×1000, I highly recommend you go to that image, unless your selling Expensive diamonds and your customers need to see light reflections inside.

So what does this all mean!? You should condense and create lightweight images for your users. You should always put a call to action in your description. You should create great titles related to your PPC campaigns.

This is a big chess match on Amazon. Every piece you move, creates dozens of more moves in the eco-system ahead. Give your listing the best opportunity to grow, to convert. We will be kings on Amazon. Continue to follow me on this journey!

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This podcast has been written, directed, and edited by David Aladdin, a global king in logistics, strategy, and Amazon company. Hehe.

David Aladdin OUT

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