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AS 20: Amazon Greyhat Ranking Secret – Ranking with the Corporate Guys

18 Feb 2016

We are strategists. Amazon is a huge chess board. Our products are but pawns in this game. Then there are knights, rooks, and queens…those represent the big corporations, making 10s of millions of dollars. But in the game of chess, a small pawn can take out a queen the queen aka corporation is not being careful enough. And that’s our goal. We will steadily grow our profit margins, because in doing so it allows us to launch more products, increase our volume and distribution.

So what does this all mean?

Being a Prime member, has monumental, and game changing effects on the E-commerce model. For sellers, it’s awesome. Over the next few years, your business can only grow larger and larger with higher customer spending per user. This article pretty much states, the longer you are on Amazon as a prime member, the more addictive the buying process becomes. We have become reliant on Amazon for its quick delivery, high customer service, and ease of use. The downside is, it is the lifeline of our business. Can old retail stand against this type of “addictive” power, that the amazon eco-system has created. Amazon has strategically positioned its prime to be almost an essential part of American life. As more Americans jump on, and become loyal, we all earn more.

Today’s Podcast, episode 20, is Amazon Greyhat Ranking Secret – How my competitor ranks with the corporate guys.

Now I’m not recommending you do or do not do this, however I’ve witnessed my competitor do it and he’s churning out good numbers every month from each of his products, aka 50,000+ a month from a single product.

And so I was curious, how’s this happening, his product isn’t far superior to mine. And so I looked deeper. And in fact, the greyhat secret I discovered is as follows. By the way this can get a bit confusing, so you may need to rewind and play a few times.

What is greyhat you ask?

Greyhat is the probably what you think it is. There’s white hat strategies, which we love, greyhat, which you proceed with caution, and blackhat, is what your doing something you probably should do in order to improve your rank.

The greyhay secret is as follows. Some sellers on Amazon are adding E-books, to their Amazon Seller Listing in addition to their product. They will typically say, their listing + here’s a bonus your e-book.  Now sure that gives you added value. But the secret here lies within.

Advanced greyhatters are using the e-book spot in the title, to do a combination of things. Lets’s say you have a product, and your #1 competitor’s company is called “Safe Prepping”. Now this major company called “Safe Prepping” ranks very well in top 10. As a small guy, the grey hat technique involves half of their brand in the ebook… meaning your e-book is called “Meal Prepping E-Book” and in another part of your title your product includes the word “Safe.”

What David, I’m lost? So basically, what just happened was, my competitor used a corporate name which was a two part word brand, and they put it in spotty areas of their title, without saying the brand all at once. In fact the e-book, or chart pdf you can use, can assist in getting the harder, no so much used words to make sense in their title.
When you add an e-book in your title, it not only provides extra value to customer, you can add an adjective, and even better, part of a corporate name, as the name of your e-book.

In order to demonstrate how this works let’s I want to do a case study. , I will use an actual Amazon listing that I found so if you’re by a computer, you can reference what I’m talking about and listen along.
Go to Amazon Bolt Goods – Meal Prep Containers with Lids (8 Pack, 28 Ounce) BPA-Free Reusable Microwave Dishwasher Freezer Safe – THE ONLY Crack Chip Leak Resistant Food Storage Saver with BONUS Meal Prepping Ebook
As a bonus, this company gives an e-book. Now in their title they have keyword “safe”, and the name of the book “meal prepping e-book.

This company might not be particularly targeting a corporate company as this is just a sample. But if theoretically there was a corporate company called “Safe Prepping” then because they are able to fit broken parts of the corporate companies’ brand name into their title, then it is equivalent to having a second brand name, aka keyword, in your title without having trademark issues, or I believe, at the time of this recording, breaking amazon’s TOS.

The brand of your corporate competitor is in the title of your product in a very non-in your face, way. Does this affect your rankings? Of course, you now are building search relevance to the same brand keywords that the #1 guy has. This can have very big effects on your business. And in real life my competitor has been doing this.

So, David, how much can this affect your brand? These corporate brands are spending millions of dolalrs in TV ads, online ad, and more. If you rank for their brand in any way, it can drive significant traffic in. Lets say you were building a tech device. If your device was Called “Soft cables” and your ebook called “Smart Micro E-book”, you technically NOW have Micro-soft in your title. That’s’ crazy.

Be sure to join our Facebook Mastermind Secret group at amzsecrets.com/fb . Be sure to join our Facebook Mastermind Secret group at amzsecrets.com/fb and if you did, it would help tremendously if you could take 5 seconds out of your Amazonian schedule, to leave a review on iTunes.

Also, every question to amazon has 10 different answers. Finding the right one is critical and can save you tens of thousands of dollars. AmzSecrets.com does this, and it’s all for free. See you all there.

This podcast has been written, directed, and edited by David Aladdin, a global king in logistics, strategy, and Amazon company. Hehe.


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