AS 96: Meny Hoffman – Visionary with 17+ years building brands, dozens of employees, and scaling companies.

02 Jul 2018

In this episode we had Meny Hoffman come on the show. Meny Hoffman is CEO of Ptex Group, an award-winning business solutions agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. A lifelong entrepreneur, he is passionate about collaborating with growing businesses to create winning strategies that allow them to lead and flourish. Meny is also the founder of the LTB (Let’s Talk Business) platform, which offers business education to entrepreneurs and business people looking to learn, grow, and lead. He is a proud husband and father of seven.

In this episode we went into depth:

  • Inside Meny’s operation
  • Meny’s story on how he came to lead PTEX group
  • How meny inspires and leads his team
  • Team strategy, leadership strategy
  • Creating systems and winning strategies
  • Amazon brand strategy
  • Marketing strategies
  • In-depth on growing and scaling your company

And much more.

Show Notes:

To learn more about Ptex Group product branding service, CLICK HERE.

To download “7 Simple Ways to Build Your Brand on Amazon” CLICK HERE.

Connect with Meny Hoffman on LinkedIn HERE

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