AS:23: How Eddie Makes 5M+ a year selling Wholesale on Amazon

13 Apr 2016


This interview is packed full of big golden nuggets and new AmzSecrets! Eddie Levine, who’s 27, who started in 2012. He used to work for several corporations in hospitality and IT.

He decided to venture out on his own, with experience logistics. He started out with a 10 x 10 storage warehouse and ramped his business to 5 Million Dollars+ a year.

What you’ll learn from Eddie Levine selling whole sale Amazon

  • When to start whole sale
  • Why you should start in retail arbitrage first
  • What makes Eddie Levine
  • When to quit your job. How to quit your job
  • What experience you need to start selling online
  • The natural curiosity of successful Entrepreneur’s
  • How to scale from a 2700sqft to an 8000 sq-ft warehouse
  • When you should switch from RA to whole sale or private label
  • 4th quarter preparation
  • Inventory management software concepts and existing solutions for warehouses
  • Grey hat, black hat, and white hat tricks discussion…what to do…what not to do.

Some Lessons learned:

  • Measure your success by how many people are not working for you. Employees cost a lot. Autopilot is cheap. Build automation into your business.
  • When to switch to a larger warehouse and cost saving techniques.
  • Managing a warehouse, and optimization tricks that will save you money
  • Diversification of your assets so your’re not fully in Amazon


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