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16 Mar 2016

We’re almost Active 1000 strong. Welcome to the mastermind. This is the beginning. Whether you think your doing awesome, this mastermind is to push you past your limiting beliefs using real tested techniques,killer strategies and a touch of motivation.. We all will share insights, strategies, secrets both whitehat, greyhat, and help you steer clear from black hat.

WE ARE LIONS. And kings of Amazon. Looking forward to hearing everyones contributions of expertise and perspectives on selling. If you haven’t already, introduce yourself, get known. Building connections can change your viewpoints, strategies, executions, and even potential partnerships. Yes you can be silent and read along.

Many members here are smart business leaders, think tanks, and successful entrepreneurs in Amazon and outside of Amazon. Many hold multiple businesses, and for some reason, we have all met at this crossroads in our life, and in our businesses. Think both short term and long term. Be calculated.

Just by posting this one post, I feel more energized and my vision is clearer of what needs to be done. See the path ahead, and it will appear. hehe.

Lets GOOO.

Join the #1 Amazon Mastermind.


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