Finding an Amazon Freight Forwarder

21 Mar 2016

Holey cow. Alibaba is disrupting the logistics and delivery of freight….for air, sea etc.

Simply just import your departure and destination, weight and volume, and boom, 6 quotes provided for you from multiple companies…instantly.

I suspect it has to do with Amazon’s recent move to get into logistics.


If you already have a freight forwarder, or a service providing you a quote, use this to compare and see if you are paying the right amount every time. This not only saves time, but saves worry on shipping costs. Its fairly straight forward and includes:

  • Sea LCL
  • AIR
  • RAILWAY partners global air cargo forwarders to ensure that you receive timely shipments.
Cargoes are shipped from major airports in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.) to over 170 destination countries & regions.

So… yes a freight forwarder can provide you this. However it’s in Alibaba’s best interest to provide you the lowest quotes, to get their marketplace moving the fastest. I can only assume, Amazon will be getting in on this soon…we’ll have to wait and see.


Additional commentary:

Gavin Kerr Cool!: Good prices so far?

David Aladdin: Its like a marketplace of logistics.. amazon is sure to follow suit soon lol

Gavin Kerr: This is amazing. I’m going to quote my last shipment to see what they come up with.

Mamta Jain: Perfect Timing for me smile emoticon

Brian Moore: Yes! Something for the little guy AND before Amazon throws a bone to the big guys with the Dragon Boat.

Dean Hua: LMAO. The Elance of Freight Forwarding has arrived! Actually, they’ve been around for awhile, haven’t they? I don’t think this is new.

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