How to get your products as lightning deals on Amazon – Latest Technique

01 Jun 2016

Just spotted today, first by the team, is Amazon’s new tool to seeing if your products qualify as lightning deals.

Lightning deals, we’re previously manually chosen by Amazon employees based on performance. Today, Amazon is using algorithms, and a new interface for sellers to easily add epic lightning deals into the fray.

Step 1: Go into advertising > Lightning deals

Step 2: Lightning deals dashboard, create, and approve lightning deals based on recommendations from Amazon.

Lightning deal is a time bound, promotional offer in which an item is featurerd for several hours on the Amazon deals page. You can use lightning deals dashboard to submit applications to create a lightning deal.

All deals require Amazon’s approval, but this is the first time an interface has been approved for the seller.

Updated: We beat Amazon to the punch: Today they announced Lightning deals for everyone:


New feature: Create your own Lightning Deals

 For the first time ever, you can create your own Lightning Deals. Lightning Deals are limited-time sales that run for up to six hours.

Customers love Lightning Deals, and they can provide great benefits for you as well:

  1. More visibility: Lightning Deals appear on the Deals page, one of the most visited pages on Amazon.
  2. Halo effect: Lightning Deals may help drive additional customer discovery and sales both during and after the deal.
  3. Clear out inventory: Lightning Deals can help you sell down overstock or seasonal products.

For more information, see the Lightning Deals Overview help page or create your first Lightning Deal.


Update: This method is confirmed! 9/30/2016

This was actually confirmed by in SellerCentral.

Amazon automatically checks out your metrics. Based on a per product basis, your product then has the option to get selected:

Step 1 – Create a Lightning Deal. Your deal as a seller will be possible if you qualify:


Step 2: Once you select your deal, you get presented with options of when you can launch that perspective deal. You get a deal window range of time. You also select how many potential units can be done for the deal.

Step 3: View your upcoming deals. At this point, the specific date has been arranged by Amazon, and it’s go time!



In all, lightning deals can bring great success or just be average.

Best products for lightning deals?

I recently had a Lightning deal, and it went okay. It was an accessory item to another item, and so my theory is some things sell better than others. Main core products probably sell the best and are most effective, rather than add-on accessory problems. We talk about that all in our Amazon Podcast.

Lightning Deal related questions with answers:

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