AS 21: How Harvey sells over 2 Million+ on Amazon yearly

25 Mar 2016

In this Episode of the Podcast, my guest Harvey Spectre tells me how he does something that he loves – buying and selling on Amazon. We go deep into Harvey’s background, both before, now, and in the future. We learn who and how Harvey Spectre ticks.

Harvey Spectre is a true entrepreneur, born into the system, and kicked down the doors of regular 8-5 hours. He pushed out of his 110k a year job, and started selling on Amazon primarily in the shoes sector. That’s how big Amazon is. Shoes alone, 1 seller alone, pulling in 2 million dollars a year. How cool is that.

We talk all things in and outside Amazon, including entrepreneurship, selling retail arb, private label, self-development, and growing up in America.

There are definitely some golden nuggets to take out of this, especially if your debating quiting your job, getting a warehouse, deciding where to start on Amazon and more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it can cost a lot to sell on Amazon?
  • How to do retail arbitrage?
  • When should you quit your job?
  • How Harvey is making a killing on Amazon, selling 2 M+ a year?
  • What does ASP stands for?
  • Advantages to becoming social and interacting with entrepreneurs?
  • Why masterminds help you improve on Amazon?
  • Why is diversification of SKU’s is important?
  • What are the differences between Private Label and Retail Arb
  • Barcode placement secrets
  • Potentially creating future brands
  • How prep centers are essentialHow to contact Harvey:


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