AS 4: I Got a 1 Star Review on Amazon & What I Did

23 Jan 2016

What up Guys, its’ David Aladdin and this is the 4th Amz Secrets .com Podcast, where we gain the advantage over other sellers and ultimately become KINGS in life. Today’s topic is “What I did when I got a 1-star review” But before we start –

As always, your morning amazon news DE-briefing:

According to Quartz –

So you’re wondering, how do you overcome the outlier reviewers. Those rouge reviews, that no matter how good your product is, they find something bad, and then give you a 1-star review. Well today that happened to one of my products.

To get more specific without giving my actual product away, because I believe in absolute transparency in facts, and details, my product is a pretty good performer. It has 295 mainly 5 star reviews. 3% 4 star reviews, 0% 2 star reviews, and 1% 1 star reviews.

I hate 1 star reviews, as should you. I went about my private label business in the belief that I would be the best product in my category, and knowingly did not waste any expense on picking the highest quality materials, doing the research to understand my target audience, and ACTUALLY being a big user of my own product, as I believe that too is an important aspect of picking a solid product.

So when I see a 1-star review come up, I am pretty surprised. Not only surprised, I’m mad. The review stated that they could see potential “problems arising” even though the product was great.

Instead of writing my REAL reaction of frustration, anger, fear, I calmly wrote along the lines of:
Hey “John Doe!” We built this product in this way to ensure that it would last longer and perform better… which is the truth. I noticed that you said it could potentially see this problem arising, but I assure you none of my customers have reached out to us with this problem yet, and also we are very confident in our product. If you’re not happy with the product, we will always, always be happy to refund you!”

-Sincerely – Founder of Your Brand David

And I left it with that. Literally 5 minutes later, the customer responds, I’m glad you are confident in your product, but I still believe this is what needs to be done. This is just a suggestion. The rest of the product looks good and same with the design.

I wrote back in the same review spot, Thanks for your suggestions! I will take it into consideration. If possible please reconsider your review and also, we are happy to refund you if you are not happy!

5 minute passes by, and his 1 star changed to a 3 star! Although I dislike 3 star reviews, according to amazon, 3 stars are treated as Neutral reviews, whereas 1 star reviews are treated as negative reviews, and fall into a different category in regards to your seller performance.

I believe that reviewers do not necessarily know the damage they cause to your business everytime they leave a 1-star review. And businesses must try their best to get their negative reviews to neutral, even if they don’t receive many.

According to a survey of 1500 Amazon Sellers, done by Feed visor – 61% of all amazon sellers main concern is Amazon will take their seller privileges away. And quote

“The fear surrounding store suspension is having a ripple effect across the spectrum of Amazon sellers. Even sellers who have no reason to worry about suspension are anxious. These statistics are corroborated by the huge amount of content and advice about suspension prevention and consultants specializing in helping sellers get their stores reinstated”

The next time you get a 1-star review on amazon, put some effort into changing it to at least a neutral review. Reach out to that customer. Take into account is woes. Take into account that he might be having a bad day. But also let it be known that you built your product for very specific reasons. Why you made it a steel garlic press versus a plastic garlic press. Because it wouldn’t break as easy, matches 80% of appliances, and will live longer. These are facts that can sway your customer’s hearts.

Now, that being said, ALSO know his feedback is valuable. His 1-star feedback is an account of how you should make your product back. In this situation, I could adjust my product, but honestly his request is an honest one, but would affect the lifespan of my product. It would decrease the lifespan definitely.

Amz Secret of the day: If you go into the performance tab > Customer Feedback, you can download a report of all your negative feedback’s and it will tell you the customer who’s leaving the reviews, their order id, and the rating, as well as the review comment. You can download that report, and email all the bad reviewers and directly impact your review metrics.

This being said, this does not substitute for having a bad product. The best way to decrease this work load, is just having a good product. When that is done, there will always be that sour reviewer. Its’ inevitable. But it’s how we deal with them, that affects our business future and sustainability. We are building these businesses for years to come. Let’s build them with the proper foundation of quality reviews, and good customer service.

That’s all for now folks. I HOPE YOU guys enjoyed this podcast. Please ask your questions and help answer questions at We also have a mastermind Facebook group called Amz Secrets. The community is awesome and thriving. Lets go!

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