AS 7: How to Improve Amazon PPC – Secrets and Tips

28 Jan 2016

This podcast will give you the advantage to sell better than your competittors and ultimately and potentially make you earn more money passively every month through secrets, tips, and advice on selling on Amazon.

Today’s topic is on Amazon PPC. The ever evolving, competitive, and most-always expensive platform for advertising your amazon product(s).

I’m going to explain the most common strategy, but then also give you a very effective strategy that is barely talked about, and almost kept secret among amazon pros.

First off, The reason why Amazon PPC is so effective, is because you can test a product, have no reviews, and still see if it sells. Usually, if it sells without any reviews aka social proof, that means it’s a very good seller.

So therefore, A product with reviews, and with PPC, and good sales copy, creates a beautiful income stream, on that can dive you hundreds of thousands, and ultimately millions as a business.

So knowing this, it is all in our best interests to become master of Amazon PPC. If your can get your ACOS, Average cost of conversion, down by 10%, you effective save 10% on your ad campaigns which could equate to tens of thousands of dollars as you scale your operation up.

Optimizing PPC is very quick and easy, however many amazon people look past it and set and forget there campaigns.

Amazon PPC Strategy Optimization strategy #1 of 2.

Start with Automatic Campaigns. Determine the keywords that are converting. Then take those keywords, and create a broad campaign. Then create a phrase campaign with the broad keywords and then create an exact keyword campaign following that. This is the most typical way to do it.

Amazon PPC Strategy Optimization strategy #2 of 2, which I recently discovered, and I see it already effecting my ACOS in a good way.

This strategy is more simple than strategy #1, but requires a bit of upkeep.

You determine which keywords are working for you from an automatic campaign, then you create a broad campaign with the keywords that work. Run the broad campaign indefinitely. While the broad campaign is running each week, go reports tab in top right, then go to “Search Term Report” and download the latest weekly report.  There are 6 different advertisement reports:

  1. Performance over Time
  2. Performance by SKU
  3. Search Term Report
  4. Estimated Page 1 Bid
  5. Other ASIN Report
  6. Campaign Performance REPORT.

The most important one is the Search Term Report which will tell you the ACOS of every “Customer Searched Keyword.” My strategy grabbing all the data into excel, creating a table, and sorting the data by greatest to least ACOS.

This then shows the worst performing ACOS keywords. I take all the ACOS keywords that are performing 15% ACOS or more, and I add that to my negative keywords section in all my respective ad campaigns for that particular product.

If this is a bit confusing, just rewind that, and listen to that again, or see the show notes for this episode – episode 7.
One thing you should note, even if you get a high ACOS of more than 15% or your acceptable percentage, sometimes that is okay, and those keywords you may want to keep. The more you sell for a certain keyword, the better you rank for that keyword.

Hope you guys found this episode extremely useful, I know I did. And most Amazon pros won’t tell you the optimization secret #2.

Anyways, stay tuned for the next episode. If you get a chance, please help answer some of the unanswered questions on AmzSecrets. We are building the best database of free answers and questions for the world on selling on Amazon. It’s exciting. Let’s become Kings in not just Amazon, but in life.

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