Improving my Amazon Product Listings for More Sales – Optimization Part 2

15 Oct 2016

Today, I will be showing a specific Amazon Product Listing optimization. How I am improving my amazon product listings to be more releveant to searchers looking for my products on Amazon. By doing so, when potential customers search for my product or type of product, they are more relevant to their search results. This by no means is tricking the Amazon algorithm, but assisting the A9 engines to give better, more accurate results to the it’s customers, thus selling more for everyone. If you don’t serve your listing to Amazon properly, how will they know how to serve it to everyone properly? Don’t expect Amazon to understand your listing. Tell them what it is about.

Let’s jump right into it:

Test: Re-doing search term keywords on better performing products as metrics started to go down a bit and competition was increasing.

-Maxed out (near 5k characters) my back-end search keywords. Will report results in a month or so on enhanced changes with War Room Data.

Steps & Method
– added 5 months ppc keyword reports data using the new ppc armory into keyword king.

2016-10-15_13-49-08 2016-10-15_13-53-21
-Added merchant words top 10 highest impression based words related to this product. (not affiliated to merchant words, but found it rather difficult from excel to keyword king, as it one line items… Thinking of building separate tool in this regard for deeper integration
-Used keyword kings algorithms and cleaned out duplicates, and bad keywords. –Also added Spanish translations of 1st and 2nd rows to hit a max of 5000 characters.




Stats on this amazon product listing optimization:
Time elapsed: 9 minutes, 30 seconds
Product: Of my top 3 products
Results: Not sure yet. This is a bit more risky as it is a higher performing product but I want to see effects of higher quality keywords & in respect to PPC. Will update in 1 month War Room set.

Other notes: the new optimizations in ppc armory pushed the ppc reports a lot faster and made it pretty ridiculous in terms of easyness.

That’s all for now kings,


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