AS 41:John Lawson’s Strategies with 17+ Years among Amazon, Ebay, and e-Commerce

03 Aug 2016

Today on the show, we had John Lawson. He is the author of the Kickass social commerce for ePreneurs,  He is CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, an online clothing retailer. He is the Chief Consultant at ColderICE Media, a digital marketing firm.  He is a Social Commerce evangelist, traveling around the world to spread the “good word” about internet business to tens of thousands of avid fans in more than 2 dozen countries and teaching would be millionaires how to achieve their dreams.

What you’ll learn:

  • Who is John Lawson, his story, lessons learned
  • Marketing strategies with eBay, Amazon, and beyond
  • How to build brand vs private label
  • How John Lawson is expanding his empire
  • How to create a premium brand vs. all the noise
  • Best way to build email list
  • PPC with FB, ADS, Youtube and more
  • How he creates better landing pages
  • Software he uses
  • Discuss Trump’s brand
  • Various email list strategies and which one works best
  • How to nurture your audience
  • How plan for 4th quarter, and what John does
  • Why you should be passionate, and build the business for yourself

And lots more wisdom.  A definite listen.

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