AS 26: Peter Zapf makes sourcing from China much easier for Amazon Private Label and Wholesale

03 May 2016

Peter Zapf is the Chief Information Officer of Global Sources, a company with over 2000 employees that holds fairs throughout China connecting sellers in retail, eCommerce with manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.

What you’ll learn from Brady selling Private Label on Amazon:

  • How to sell Private label products
  • How to source products from Global Sourcing fairs
  • What to do and what not to do when sourcing private label
  • Amazon best practices for selling on Amazon
  • Which products sell best, generally speaking
  • IOT devices and how fast their selling
  • How China Private Labeler’s are kicking ass and the dangers they pose
  • Discussions on Product Quality and Manufacturer Origins
  • Who visits China fairs
  • Peter’s first periscope

Some lessons learned in this podcast/periscope:

  • Western sellers vs China PL sellers
  • Product selection
  • How to package your product using 3rd party assembly lines, in China
  • Standardization of pre-shipments and assembly
  • Expert tools most people don’t talk about

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