The Mastermind of 10

The Mastermind of 10

My Kings,

I believe that it’s through connecting the most powerful minds together, where we share our experiences, our wins, our losses, in a manner that benefits us all. I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to get my business to a billion dollars faster.

Through this journey of e-commerce, I’ve realized the playpen is much bigger. Not only do we sell on Amazon, we’ve now branched our brands into wholesale, where DIVISIONS are placing $100,000 dollar orders, per order, per country.

When I first started AmzSecrets, it was to gain knowledge about all the ins and outs on Amazon. But I see Amazon as our launch pad into Earth as a brand. It’s like Elon Musk using Mars, as just the first step into interstellar travel.

There is undoubtedly so much potential, and so much “lack of knowledge” that I have yet to discover and execute upon, hence why this must happen.

Now this mastermind, as I type this, I’m a bit excited, and have no idea what lies ahead, though I believe there are a select few that would definitely be interested in this.


The Retreat held once a year:
The location is at my 7 acre abode in Naples, Florida, which is also my operations center/warehouse. There is kayaking, jetski’ing, golfcarting. You’ll meet some of my employees. Think of a weekend where we push our minds further into overdrive, dedicated to mastering our arts.

Who I am looking for (1 or more of the following):
Highly ambitious
Sellers who plan on not just selling on Amazon
Sellers who want to grow an 8 figure business, 9 figure business.
Facebook Ad & Shopify kings
Google Ad Kings
Sellers that are in different industries. I plan on not having any two sellers in the same industry unless, the two don’t mind.
Expansion strategies
Growth strategies
Email Strategies
Amazon / 3rd party marketplace kings
Website kings

Who this is not for:
New sellers, Sellers under 7 figures
Software Sellers/3rd Party

Price point: 
The goal is to meet, network, and gain new friends, relationships. The price point is undetermined though it won’t be a price gouge. My main objective is to get the chosen ones here for a weekend of both fun & overdriving our minds.

When: January 2019.

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The Mastermind of 10
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The hunt for the 10 is currently ongoing. 


King of the South