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AS 16: The Secret to Getting Five Star Reviews, and Less 1 star Reviews on Amazon

06 Feb 2016

I believe within the next 3 years; we will have Amazon Fulfillment Prime 1-day shipping or less. If amazon is able to pick and pack our FBA products with robots, which is their end goal with Amazon, then their savings would be huge. Currently they employ 222,400 employees. I’m guessing at least 200,000 of those employees are FBA Fulfillment related workers, opening pallet shipments, stocking shelves, picking and packing, at their distribution systems. Now if each of those employees are payed $40,000 dollars a year, x 200,000, that’s 8 billion dollars in savings every year. A FULLY autonomous warehouse means zero mistakes in distribution, means faster distribution, means zero competition is fulfilling products. And as for FBA sellers, means our pick and pack fees will go down drastically, I think.

This is: The Secret to Getting Five Star Reviews, and Less 1 Star Reviews on Amazon.

This is not the same as podcast 4, where I explain in detail, what I do when you get a 1-star review. Episode 16, is full of golden nuggets, that if applied right, your business will be rocking and rolling!

So, one of my products, was experiencing bumpy roads. Even though I knew it was a great product, many of my customers we’re having issues. And issues on Amazon ALWAYS need to be dealt with. The best way to deal with it is at the source.

  1. You could make direct improvements to your product. This happens only in between inventory cycles – where you must buy more inventory, and you go to your manufacturer to improve the design.
  2. The other area, is in your product copy and email flow. And here’s the secret. Everyone always says, have great product copy, and have an email sequence following the sale of every purchase. And so you do that. But what is left out is what exactly is great product copy, and a great email sequence.

If you happen to get above a 1% negative feedback turnover from your customers, this will help you drastically improve your reviews. I’ve found that by taking the biggest pain points in your product and clarifying it in your product description, goes a long way to ensuring customer happiness. Furthermore,

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT – Your email follow-ups on every product purchase. For me, I use sales backer, which works perfectly in this case. Don’t just use the template based follow ups. There is a ton wrong with it, I’m not even sure why it’s setup the way it is.

“Okay David, what’s wrong with sales backer email templates?” Well even if you’re not going exactly to the T, which obviously you should not do, as they probably have a lot of subscribers to their service, here’s what’s wrong.

The existing sequence has no information about your product, no warm feeling from the founder, no quality advice for the buyers.

“So what do you put then David?” you ask. The key in this sequence will make ALL the difference, ALL THE DIFFERENCE, in how your customers view your product. For me, I put every fricken detail that they need to know in terms of usage. The biggest pain points, I’ve written solutions to their issues. For example, if I was selling pencils, but for some reason the tip of the pencil would break to easy, I would recommend that they need to tilt the pencil less of an angle as that causes too much stress to the lead of the pencil. I would clear state what lead point the pencil was. I would add frequently asked questions to in the first email. I would be extremely informative and provide every answer to negative feedback in my email sequence. And I would reiterate that in the second and 3rd email.

Now there’s also something very wrong with the software template, and if you have been getting over 1% negative reviews, here’s another big thing you need to adjust. In the email template, there is a link to contact Amazon support, as well as leave a review. Both these links, if your customer is unhappy, will essentially lead you to having a worse customer feedback, whether through higher return, or higher negative feedback.

So what do I do? First in some part of your email, you need to get your customer knowing that you are not some huge corporate office. That you are a small startup looking to grow your company. Get them to believe in your mission. Get them to want to help you out, rather than knock you down. Most Amazon buyers do not know the importance of the feedback cycle, that if you get too many negative reviews, you could get suspended off of Amazon…. THAT if you get too many negative reviews, you lose potential buyers.

So your goal is to briefly connect with them in a sentence or two. Let them know who you are, let them feel as if they are a part of your company. Next you want to remove the link to contact Amazon directly. Instead, directly state that if your unhappy for whatever reason, please reply to this email, and we’ll respond VERY fast. State that you always offer refunds, because honestly, if you don’t, Amazon will boot you from their platform. Forget about the value of your products. It’s about the value to your customers and ensuring that they are always happy, no matter what. Understanding that if they want a refund, they got one, even if your product is not defective, not what they expected.

The email sequence is the golden goose to 5 star reviews, and less 1 star reviews. Most customers when they receive an email from my sequence, they even include in their reviews, I had AN AWESOME customer experience.

Even if you are getting good reviews from your basic email sequence, take the effort to go above and beyond in your email sequence. It’s the one area where you have on auto-pilot once its’ done, and it directly communicates with every person who buys your product. Your email sequence, is just one part of your brand to building a raving fan base, who follows every new product launch you do, who tells their friends, family and dogs about their experience with your brand.

Just a few tips before you go hung ho and we-write your customer email sequence, make sure you don’t provide social links, links to your site, or any site besides amazon in this sequence. It’s solely for the product your selling and their experience.

So to wrap it up, The default email sequence is terrible and needs to be directly modified for your company. You need to build it robust and answer every single negative feedback with solutions to those customer issues. You need to incorporate useful tips to product usage in that email. You need sign the email with not just “Dave – Customer Service”, as that would be the default. You should sign it as, “Dave, Founder of AmzSecrets” When customers get a message from the founder, its’ like WHOA, I feel important that the founder is reaching out to me…RATHER than some silly customer represented…how dull is that. Okay.

I absolutely guarantee you’ll get way more 5 stars, and weigh less 1 stars.

I hope you guys loved this episode, and if you did, you can throw some love by writing a review on ITunes. Today’s a Saturday, and although it’s the weekend, every day is the weekend when you love what you’re doing.

Also, if you have any direct question to me you can email me at david@amzsecrets.com. On our site, we are the biggest platform of Amazon Questions. Find the best answers, and knowledge over at Amz Secrets. We also have a growing Facebook group, at amzsecrets.com/fb.

This podcast has been written, directed, and edited by David Aladdin, a global king in logistics, strategy, and Amazon company. Hehe.

David Aladdin OUT

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