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What’s inside VIP:

Keyword King

  • Take existing search term keywords from Amazon scrub them of duplicates
  • Build the best back-end keyword lists up to 5000 keywords
  • Drive more traffic to your listings
  • Leverage Proprietary Smart Keyword Algorithms
  • Get better keyword combinations
  • Rank better than competitors
  • Manage unlimited keyword lists

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War Rooms

  • One for every product listing. Know which keywords in your keyword list from keyword king are performing well, and which ones are not.
  • Remove bad performing keywords with good ones, that drive traffic and cashflow. Actionable intelligence.
  • No manual typing of keywords. War Room automatically grabs your keywords from Keyword King, and starts tracking them once you activate it.
  • No attaching your seller account for private data. We are non-intrusive, and never sync to your Amazon account or request app permissions into your account. All our data is directly gathered from Amazon, without your amazon account.
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PPC Armory

There is so much valuable data in the PPC reports, but no one is using them, or their not using them in the best possible way. I believe our listings can greatly benefit from PPC reports if we were able to understand them quickly, it sorted itself fast in the manner that makes the most sense. That’s what PPC Armory does…and more.

  • Algorithms smartly show your ppc report to show your best performing keywords first in table format
  • Easily send the best keywords to your search term keywords list in keyword king
  • Leverage Amazon’s A9 engine to build superior keyword lists
  • See how full your current list is, and how much more you can fit in it!

Product Hunter

  • Fill the demand of out-of-stock products
  • Find killer products that have sold out with High Demand
  • Over 600,000 detected product listings
  • Sort by listings related to your category, rank, price
  • Choose better product concepts with higher demand and less supply

We use this in all our product decisions

Secrets & Strategies

  • Latest vetted secrets from top sellers
  • Strategies & techniques guaranteed to 2x your business, at least
  • Secrets are continuously improved on by community
  • New secrets, tips, optimizations added daily
  • Front-lines to selling on Amazon and optimizing your brand

The Fastest Growing Amazon Podcast


David Aladdin

Founder of
Host of the AmzSecrets Podcast
Serial Entreprenuer/Lead Developer
Eddie Levine

Eddie Levine

5 Million +/year selling wholesale on Amazon.
Harvey Spectre

Harvey Spectre

2 Million +/year selling Private and Retail Arb.
Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark

350k +/month selling private label on Amazon.
Brendan Cheng

Brendan Cheng

100k +/year selling private label on Amazon. Learn more…
Taylor Benterud

Taylor Benterud

Amazon PPC Consultant & Expert

Peter Zapf

CIO of Global Sources, Product Sourcing Expert

Sean Smith

Manages 19k+ in PPC Spend, ACOS Specialist
profile pic

Brady Musely

30K +Month and UK/Canadian & USA Amazon Seller
Danny McMillan

Danny McMillan

Amazon Strategist and Think Tank

Brian Burt

150K+ Month Revenue Private Label Seller and sights on 1M+/month
WillTjernlund_Headshots-1 (1)

Will Tjernlund

25 Year old, 6M+ Year Wholesale &  Private Label Seller

Jim Cockrum

Sells 25 Million+ /Year,  Author of Silent Sales Machine

Scott Margolius

Top 10% Seller, on Amazon

Nathan Hirsch

5+ Million Year Revenue Seller with a Virtual Assistant Army

Cynthia Stine

Anti-Suspension Queen

Tracy Hazzard

Designed 250+ Products, 1 Billion in Revenue

Chad Rubin

8M Dollars/Year Revenue Empire

John Lawson

17+ years eBay, Amazon, e-Commerce

Amy Feierman

Better Retail Arbitrage Automation

John Bullard Sr.

$500 to Millions Revenue, Warehousing, PL,

Rachel Greer

7 Years inside of Amazon

Caleb Roth

Sells 17000+ Book Flipping

Michael Delvin

Selling 6 figures on Amazon, Aquired

Timothy Bush

Getting into Costco, Walmart & Retail

Kai Klement

4 Million Yearly Revenue Amazon

Mark Hirsch

10M Sales Annually, Acquired, Acquires Businesses

Ryan Reger

500k Yearly Revenue Amazon, Craigslist

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Amazon Seller Tools

Leverage big data to make smarter decisions on future products and your existing products.

It only takes 1 Secret

It only takes 1 secret, of the hundreds, to make this membership worth your money. A single secret, can earn you thousands to millions of dollars extra a week.

Full Immersion

Built specifically for Advanced Amazon Sellers looking to grow their business drastically, while outpacing their competition.
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Lock-in your membership rate today. Prices will go up as we continuously improve AmzSecrets. Many announcements coming. Stay tuned.

AmzSecrets Immersion

  • Meet sellers from around the world in real time, online
  • Talk strategy, fully immerse yourself in Amazon
  • Pick other sellers minds brain
  • Build potential partnerships & friends
  • All from the comfort of your home

All of my business partners were born from a live communication channel.