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Even at 1 extra sale per day it would add to $7300/year to your revenue* 

*”…and I predict most VIPs will add at 3-7 sales per day per product on average as a result of using these tools.” 
 Calculation based on a $20 product,  Sales are never guaranteed.
-David. Creator of Amzsecrets

Word Hammer

It’s like Merchant Words, but on steroids. Built specifically for Amazon sellers. Access 1,000,000’s of keywords and volume data to build better Amazon listings than your competitors. Sell more on Amazon by creating the highest volume driven related product listings. Leverage Google and Amazon big data.

Keyword King

Build super-charged Amazon listings. Take existing search term keywords from Amazon scrub them of duplicates. Optimize your Amazon listing to sell more every day, guaranteed! Learn More > 

War Rooms

The Command Center of your Amazon listing. Analyze every change you make on Amazon and see how it affects your BSR. Remove bad performing keywords with good ones, that drive traffic and profit. Actionable intelligence. Track keywords. Learn more >

PPC Armory

Pulls most valuable data in the PPC reports and lets you use the best keywords in your Amazon listing. Easily send the best keywords to your search term keywords list in keyword king. Leverage Amazon’s A9 engine to build superior keyword lists

Product Hunter

Fill the demand of out-of-stock products on Amazon. Find killer products and product research. Over 600,000 detected product listings

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