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Keyword King

  • Build the best back-end keyword lists up to 5000 keywords
  • Drive more traffic to your listings
  • Leverage Proprietary Smart Keyword Algorithms
  • Get better keyword combinations
  • Rank better than competitors
  • Manage unlimited keyword lists

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War Rooms

  • One for every product listing. Know which keywords in your keyword list from keyword king are performing well, and which ones are not.
  • Remove bad performing keywords with good ones, that drive traffic and cashflow. Actionable intelligence.
  • No manual typing of keywords. War Room automatically grabs your keywords from Keyword King, and starts tracking them once you activate it.
  • No attaching your seller account for private data. We are non-intrusive, and never sync to your Amazon account or request app permissions into your account. All our data is directly gathered from Amazon, without your amazon account.
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Product Hunter

  • Fill the demand of out-of-stock products
  • Find killer products that have sold out with High Demand
  • Over 600,000 detected product listings
  • Sort by listings related to your category, rank, price
  • Choose better product concepts with higher demand and less supply

We use this in all our product decisions

Secrets & Strategies

  • Latest vetted secrets from top sellers
  • Strategies & techniques guaranteed to 2x your business, at least
  • Secrets are continuously improved on by community
  • New secrets, tips, optimizations added daily
  • Front-lines to selling on Amazon and optimizing your brand

The Fastest Growing Amazon Podcast


David Aladdin

Founder of
Host of the AmzSecrets Podcast
Serial Entreprenuer/Lead Developer
Eddie Levine

Eddie Levine

5 Million +/year selling wholesale on Amazon.
Harvey Spectre

Harvey Spectre

2 Million +/year selling Private and Retail Arb.
Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark

350k +/month selling private label on Amazon.
Brendan Cheng

Brendan Cheng

100k +/year selling private label on Amazon. Learn more…
Taylor Benterud

Taylor Benterud

Amazon PPC Consultant & Expert

Peter Zapf

CIO of Global Sources, Product Sourcing Expert

Sean Smith

Manages 19k+ in PPC Spend, ACOS Specialist
profile pic

Brady Musely

30K +Month and UK/Canadian & USA Amazon Seller
Danny McMillan

Danny McMillan

Amazon Strategist and Think Tank

Brian Burt

150K+ Month Revenue Private Label Seller and sights on 1M+/month
WillTjernlund_Headshots-1 (1)

Will Tjernlund

25 Year old, 6M+ Year Wholesale &  Private Label Seller

Jim Cockrum

Sells 25 Million+ /Year,  Author of Silent Sales Machine

Scott Margolius

Top 10% Seller, on Amazon

Nathan Hirsch

5+ Million Year Revenue Seller with a Virtual Assistant Army

Cynthia Stine

Anti-Suspension Queen

Tracy Hazzard

Designed 250+ Products, 1 Billion in Revenue

Chad Rubin

8M Dollars/Year Revenue Empire

John Lawson

17+ years eBay, Amazon, e-Commerce

Amy Feierman

Better Retail Arbitrage Automation

John Bullard Sr.

$500 to Millions Revenue, Warehousing, PL,

Rachel Greer

7 Years inside of Amazon

Caleb Roth

Sells 17000+ Book Flipping

Michael Delvin

Selling 6 figures on Amazon, Aquired

Timothy Bush

Getting into Costco, Walmart & Retail

Kai Klement

4 Million Yearly Revenue Amazon

Mark Hirsch

10M Sales Annually, Acquired, Acquires Businesses

Ryan Reger

500k Yearly Revenue Amazon, Craigslist

Recommend Someone!

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Amazon Seller Tools

Leverage big data to make smarter decisions on future products and your existing products.

It only takes 1 Secret

It only takes 1 secret, of the hundreds, to make this membership worth your money. A single secret, can earn you thousands to millions of dollars extra a week.

Full Immersion

Built specifically for Advanced Amazon Sellers looking to grow their business drastically, while outpacing their competition.
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Lock-in your membership rate today. Prices will go up as we continuously improve AmzSecrets. Many announcements coming. Stay tuned.

AmzSecrets Immersion

  • Meet sellers from around the world in real time, online
  • Talk strategy, fully immerse yourself in Amazon
  • Pick other sellers minds brain
  • Build potential partnerships & friends
  • All from the comfort of your home

All of my business partners were born from a live communication channel.