AS 28: Amazon Optimization Strategies Interview with Danny McMillan

24 May 2016

Today, we had Danny McMillan on the show, who’s from the U.K. Danny comes from a 17-year-career in the music industry, having run his own labels, worked in production, worked in radio, and as an artist. He was regarded as one of the pioneers of the UK Break beat scene at the end of the 90s followed in the early noughties with a two year weekly residency on the leading UK Radio station Kiss 100 FM, serving up cutting edge dance music. He was considered the barometer of what was hot in Breakbeat and toured the World over. In 2006 Danny, along with his team and long term business partner, developed the DM01 MIDI controller. This is where he got his taste for innovating on products… channeling that experience into music start-ups, digital marketing and online business development.

We answer these questions in this podcast:

  • How to source from China at Global Sources & Canton Fair
  • Which countries are best to product source from?
  • How to launch a Steady Eddy product?
  • What is a steady eddy product launch?
  • How to integrate email marketing and tools?
  • Which tools should I use for selling on Amazon?
  • How to leverage tools for backed keywords and what tool’s we use.
  • How to prevent Amazon Highjackers
  • And lots more

Insights gained:

Different strategies to executing Amazon Wholesaling and Amazon Private Label

  • Selling across different countries is dependent on the freight forwarder
  • Avoiding a race to the bottom by creating exclusive deals
  • How to launch 10 products at the same time by sourcing directly and quality testing twice throughout the process
  • Why launching boring products is easier for PPC and easier to sell.

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