Hi I would like to sell bracelets in fashion jewelry on FBA


Hi I would like to sell bracelets in fashion jewelry on FBA but I found out that I need to be approved in this category. Is it possible to be approved, how can I do it?

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mazon limits the addition of new sellers in the Jewelry category to ensure that customers can buy with confidence from all sellers on

The requirements for selling in the Jewelry category reflect buyer concern for product quality, product branding, and consumer safety. Adherence to import and export restrictions is also important to ensuring that buyers can purchase authentic, high-quality Jewelry products.

Sellers must meet the requirements listed below to sell products in the Jewelry category. Please read this list of requirements and consult our Help pages if you have questions about specific policies. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that Amazon will approve sellers to sell in Jewelry. Amazon reserves the right to review the quality of each seller’s products and listings, including checking that products and listing data meet all applicable requirements. Please note that Amazon may remove your selling privileges for failing to meet these requirements.

General requirements

All products must meet Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards
All items must be properly setup according to Amazon’s Categorization of Fine vs. Fashion Jewelry guidelines.
Listing of items priced over $125K is not allowed in the Jewelry category.
All sellers who apply to sell Fine Jewelry must pay a non-refundable application fee. No fee is required to apply to sell Fashion Jewelry. See the Fine Jewelry Terms and Conditions for more information.
Sellers without a Professional selling plan must upgrade to a Professional selling plan once their application is approved.
Seller minimum requirements

Sellers must meet these performance criteria to be eligible to apply to sell in the Jewelry category:

Order-Defect Rate of 1% or less
Cancellation Rate of 2.5% or less
Late Shipment Rate of 4% or less
View your current metrics in the Performance section of your seller account under Account Health.

If your account does not meet the minimum criteria, your application will be rejected. Please take corrective action and ensure your performance metrics meet the minimum criteria before completing the application.

Product quality requirements

All products must be new. No used products are allowed in the Jewelry category. We do not allow the sale of pre-owned vintage or antique jewelry.
All products must be authentic. We do not allow counterfeit, replica or knock-off products. We respect the intellectual property of others and require that sellers posting on our site do the same. If you believe that an item offered on our site violates your intellectual property rights, please submit your complaint using this online form.
Sellers must employ quality control and inspection procedures. All products must be properly stamped with the country of origin and metal type.
All products must meet North American product safety standards. (For more information, see our Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines Help page.)
Our materials specifications follow FTC guidelines for the jewelry industry. Amazon has also established Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards for all products sold on our site. Sellers must ensure all items comply with both sets of standards.
All products must be sold as listed and as characterized in the descriptions, images, and specifications shown on the detail page.
Product listing requirements

Sellers must follow Amazon listing standards for any product sold on
Sellers must have reviewed Seller Central listing guidelines and agree to classify their products appropriately and accurately.
Sellers must submit product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions that are clearly written and help the customer understand the product.
Sellers are directed to read and understand FTC guidelines for advertising jewelry, as well as Tips for Listing Fine Jewelry, and list their items in accordance with this guidance.
Sellers may not match their item listings against existing items in the Jewelry category unless the item is from a major brand. Sellers must create their own detail pages for all jewelry products that are not from major brands; matching these products to existing items created by other sellers is not allowed.
Branded jewelry and jewelry accessories must be listed using the manufacturer’s UPC code. Sellers of branded merchandise without UPCs can request UPCs from the brand owner/manufacturer. Learn more about Adding UPCs, EANs, and ISBNs for Your Products.
Sellers who produce their own branded merchandise may apply for the Amazon Brand Registry, which provides an exemption from this UPC requirement.
Buyers must be able to complete all aspects of ordering and purchasing a product using only the Amazon website. Customized items that require buyers to communicate customization information to sellers must use the Amazon Custom platform, which allows sellers to offer personalized products.
All listing data and images must be suitable for all ages and appropriate for our global community. Listing data and images may not depict or contain nudity (including unclothed mannequins) or pornographic, obscene, or offensive items.
Item data requirements

Product listing data for all Jewelry items must meet Jewelry-specific standards.

Sellers must follow theJewelry Data Requirements published in Seller Central. These requirements are enforced systematically. Any items not meeting these standards will not be accepted.
For the purposes of product classification, item specifications, and quality assurance, we distinguish between fine and fashion jewelry based on several criteria. These criteria include, but are not limited to, metal type, gem type, and pearl type. Learn more about Categorization of Fine vs. Fashion Jewelry Materials.
Data requirements vary by product silhouette and materials. For example, we include different specifications for gold and diamond earrings than we do for a crystal and steel ring. Our data requirements reflect these differences.
When selling products with diamonds, sellers must disclose cut, color, clarity, carat weight, stone shape, setting type, stone treatment method, stone creation method, and some product-specific information (for example dimensions and ring sizes).
When selling fine gemstones, sellers must provide total gem weight, stone shape, setting type, stone treatment method, stone creation method, and some product-specific information (for example dimensions and ring sizes).
When selling fine pearl items, sellers must disclose pearl type, pearl minimum color, pearl shape, pearl luster, pearl uniformity, pearl blemishes, size per pearl, number of pearls, setting type, and some product-specific information (for example dimensions and ring sizes). In addition, pearls must be disclosed as being cultured, simulated, seed, or natural pearls.
Next step: request approval

If you would like to apply to sell Jewelry on and if you meet the requirements listed above in the Seller Minimum Requirements section, please click the Request approval button below. If you plan to sell any items with fine materials, please indicate this on the request and your application will be processed accordingly.

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I just got accepted in jewelry in about 5 min. They just asked a bunch of questions and that was it. You have to present your products a certain way. I’m not selling anything with gems or valuable so it was easy for me.

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I’m still looking……

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