Is worth the effort and what is the best process?


Is worth the effort and what is the best process? **
As much as I try to be understanding and patient with seller central staff, when it is obvious that they are just reading off a script and really know nothing /very little about the question, it does get a little frustrating  I did also pose these questions to ASC but suspect I may get faster and more correct answers here.
Some of the things I’ve read was that it may just not be worth the extra effort to go into .CA or .MX but we decided to enable .ca a few days ago. Since then, we have been going round in circles after being kept on hold for almost 15 mins, the call was cut off with no follow up call.
A few days ago we were informed: 1. The FBA listings would be automatically transferred and to wait up to 24 hours. 2. We did NOT need to send FBA inventory to Canada as fulfillment would go from FBA centers in the US, so we proceeded to send inventory to FBA in the US but today another associate told us the exact opposite.
For anyone who has made this addition:
1. What exactly is required to transfer .com FBA listings to .ca? Can these be transferred from existing listings or do we need to recreate all listings all over again?
2. Are we required to send FBA inventory to an FBA center in Canada?
3. Can we have FBA listings in US and FBM in Canada, but fulfill .ca orders via manual fulfillment orders from US?
4. We’ve seen some sellers list as both FBA and FBM for the same product. My first thought is that it’s simply not worth putting up with FBM issues for a few more sales, but maybe I’m missing something. Is doing this within AMZ TOS and what are the advantages of doing this?

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1. You need to upload your listings in Canada then you can connect your .com to your .ca listing. But inventory needs to be sent to Canada for FBA. For fbm, it’s all different.

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